Over the course of a day with Red the Clown the children will have the opportunity to not only view a live performance by a professional clown, but to also experience some of the joys and challenges of developing and presenting a performance of their own.

Workshop Content

  • The basics of juggling – 2 balls, 3 balls and clubs.
  • Devil sticks – using a stick in each hand to keep a third stick spinning in the air.
  • Brainstorming & Rehearsal – discussing ideas for various acts to be presented in a show at the day’s end and rehearsing these ideas with Red assisting the children to go through their paces.
  • Performance – the children present the acts developed over the day in a Circus Show to be compered by Red the Clown as ringmaster.
  • AIMS:
  • To develop the confidence to face new challenges.
  • To recognise that good outcomes takes creative thought, work and practise.
  • To have fun and be proud of even simple achievements attained by yourself and others.
  • To pass on the skill of juggling known for its cognitive and therapeutic qualities, as it involves the use and co-ordination of the left and right sides of the brain.
  • To experience the benefits of working in a team situation.
  • To experience the art of live performance.

By the end of the session the children will take away with them an array of experiences from which they can develop either specific performance skills, such a juggling, or go on to use the experience to enhance their approach to other life challenges.Workshops are also available in 2 hour blocks where Red performs his show and workshops with the children in the above areas but the rehersals and show by the children are excluded.